Friday, November 23, 2018
By Through a Child's Eyes Studio

I would like to start by extending a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Oldfield Tree Farm in Vassalboro for allowing the use of their beautiful farm for these gorgeous Tree Farm Christmas Session!!  One of my favorite events, the Tree Farm Sessions generally book solid fairly quickly!!!  Schedule your session today by calling 207-485-0565 or emailing


I can not wait to capture your family in real moments at this beautiful farm for your 2018 Christmas Portraits!!!!


Thank you again, Oldfield Tree Farm, your generosity is truly appreciated!!!

Friday, October 05, 2018
By Through a Child's Eyes Studio

Zeke, our hard working Mini Sled Dog, visited Lisa's Legit Burritos on Water St. in Gardiner last week!!!  The staff was amazing!  We (including Zeke) felt so welcome and important from the minute we walked through the door through our time eating lunch and to the minute we walked out the door!  The food was nothing short of AMAZING and their menu is filled with a variety of options that are extremely delicious!! Zeke felt at home, as did we, and we will definitely be returning on a regular basis to enjoy the good company of the staff and the incredible food! Thank you Lisa's Legit Burritos in Gardiner for an incredible experience all the way around!


Friday, September 28, 2018
By Through a Child's Eyes Studio

"My uncle has a really nice camera and is going to shoot our wedding for FREE!"

                                       "My cousin is using her smartphone and taking our engagement photos!"

       "My printer at home prints in color, I will just print my own photos!"

"I take so many pictures of my baby with my phone I don't need anymore!"


I have heard it all -  but you deserve better! You deserve a professional, YOU deserve ME!

Sure, anyone with a camera can take a picture! 

But your uncle with a camera does not have years of experience capturing the moments in which two families join together as one and celebrate as a marriage is formed between two souls;

your cousin using her smartphone has not spent 13 years studying lighting techniques and posing guides.  They haven't edited thousands of sessions over the years where they learned form their mistakes and how to pay better attention to every little detail of the portrait prior to shooting it to to eliminate distractions;

sending photos straight from your camera or phone to your printer at home skips an essential step, the extensive editing process that I provide that makes a "picture" into a professional photograph - a high quality piece of art.  

Life is beautiful and that beauty, YOUR LIFE'S BEAUTY, deserves to be captured by a professional.  A professional who sees the beauty in your moments and knows exactly how to preserve them for you, keep them still and allow you to cherish those moments and pass them along generation after generation. 


I don't just take pictures! 

I take your most precious moments and hold them still! 

This is accomplished from years worth of knowledge obtained by studying attention to detail, proper lighting techniques and flattering posing techniques

MOST importantly; I value the bond created by love, I value the reasons in which those moments are precious to you.  I value you, your family and the connection you share and I capture that connection in it's true essence for you.  These beautiful moments captured in still portraits combined with the extensive editing process and high quality prints and products I offer - Your moments become an investment you will ALWAYS be glad you made!

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
By Through a Child's Eyes Studio

Now Booking - 2019 Weddings!

Call for pricing and Wedding Package details!! 

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
By Through a Child's Eyes Studio

School Portraits Package at Photography by Renee - Through a Child's Eyes Studio!! Unique and inexpensive, the alternative to traditional school portraits! Include one child or multiple children all at one low cost. Only $75.00!! Schedule your session today, limited availability!!! Details below!! Call 207-485-0565 or email